Srichand Translucent Powder 30g x3EA


Brand story

Widely recognized for its Srichand Powder, “SRICHAND” originally started as a small local pharmacy in the Wang Burapha area and was run by Mr.Phong Hanutsaha. Entrusted by the then Srichand Dispensary, Mr.Hanutsaha came into the possession of a specially developed formula of a pink powder known to all in the area for its distinctive abilities of oil-absorbing, acne treating, and rash prevention. Aside from these outstanding qualities, Srichand Powder also has a unique scent that, to this day, remains a secret shared only within the Hanutsaha family.

With years of experience and the decades-old secret to flawless skin, SRICHAND continues to bring exceptional cosmetics to the market, with a hope to help women start their day with confidence and get ready for everything that comes their way, like its concept “Beauty Ready Go”

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