KHAOKHO TALAYPU Anti-Dandruff Shampoo Cooling & Balancing 5 Seed Essence 240 ml



Our Thai Heritage

Founded in 1987, the Khaokho Talaypu brand represents a life’s devotion to formulating effective natural products from Thai natural ingredients.

Healthy is Beautiful

We believe that beauty fundamentally comes from the inside, so every Khaokho Talaypu product is formulated with skin and hair health as the priority.

Live Chemical-free

Certain chemicals carry long term health risks, but are selected to lower cost, or increase ease of use. At Khaokho, we are devoted to the challenge of formulating without any harmful chemicals.

Thai Natural Ingredients

Using modern extraction techniques, we maintain the potency of natural actives in stable, consistent formulats, bringing ‘Phoompanyaathai’ to today’s consumer.

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